Oh Joy!! What I Love This Week… (05)

DigDeepStudio // Oh Joy!! What I Love This Week... (05)Oh Joy!! What I Love This Week…

>> Sunshine: It wasn’t around much, but when it was, I really REALLY loved it!! Monday it was 65˚ at my house. The Maverick and I spent all day outside burning dead branches and raking leaves. The Maverick jumped on the trampoline with out his shirt and I was in a tank top getting my yard in tip-top shape. It was marvelous!! Tuesday… it snowed. :( No bueño!

>> My job: Even though it’s challenging, I still love doing it and still look forward to sitting down at this desk everyday. I’m beyond grateful that I get to have this feeling. Not everybody enjoys their job, even on my worse days, I still do. :)

>> My FIL: I’ve been really busy the last few weeks with work, and school, and Hubs traveling for work, and about a billion other things, and FIL has helped me out so much with the boys. I am so grateful that he’s here to help right now!!

>>Pinterest: I’ve been doing A LOT of research for a potential job offer and pinterest.com has helped me out sooo much. It’s just crazy how wonderful that site is for all of us visual learners!

>> Zoey: Hubs has been travelling for work the past two weeks. So I’ve been alone at night and I have a very overactive imagination. So, my English Staffy Zoey has been my protector. However, I do know that had an intruder actually come into my house, she would most likely lick them to death if anything, but it made me feel better sleeping with my pocket pit. :)


++ Reading // Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug. It’s an excellent book for learning about we usability and refining your user experience knowledge! I’m actually really excited to go to a conference in Atlanta next weekend armed with all this new information. I think it will make a huge difference! I totally recommend this book to anybody wanting to learn how their viewers react to the web and their site in-particular. And it’s not overly techy wish is a wonderful bonus!! I actually laughed out loud a few times! Great read!

++ Listening // The Black Keys. Sometimes I go through these stages where I want the grungy rocky feel, but without the electric twang and over used drum solos. The Black Keys are a perfect haven for this! Give them a try. I’m a big fan of THIS song right now. (and the music video is awesome too!)

++ Watching // Last Man Standing. Tim Allen is HILARIOUS!!! Seriously, if you haven’t seen this, you really need to! I haven’t laughed this hard at a movie in a really long time. Sooo funny!! As always, Allen has the perfect one-liners!

++ Eating // Coffee. – Yeah, I know. That’s more like “Drinking”, but with two FULL snow days and two HALF snow days, having both boys home most of the week, a million deadlines, and hubs traveling for work… coffeee and I have become best friends!!

Alright. So there’s my list for this week.
What are you guys loving this week? Any new addictions? Anything I should try for next week?